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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back panel of AJ complete

AJ is such a fast knit. In less than a week, I am done with the back panel. It would have been faster if not for the fact that I was just lazing over the weekends instead of doing some serious knitting. From the looks of it so far, this will definately not be too big like Ballerina top. However, it is very long... 58 cm in length now. Oh well, I would take long over too big and too short.

I really need to take a pictures of this in natural sunlight. It's coming out too orangey when it isn't. This is suppose to be a spring knit but I think the orange will fit right in Autumn. What do you think?

Another bit of good news, my sister will be visiting me at the end of this year! Oh I can't wait for it to arrive already. Yippee. I am already drooling over all the stuffs that I am going to ask her to bring me. Oh well, it's lunch time now so I had better go grab some food before my keyboard is ruin with my drool. Hahahahaha....


Blogger winnie said...

Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment. I love comments! and your AJ is looking mighty fine too. I have fears over venturing to the dark side of crochet in the finishing, but I hope I'll persevere. Knit on!

28 September, 2005 17:50  

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