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Monday, September 10, 2007


Pattern: Orangina
Source: Glampyre Knits
Yarn: 4 skeins of Rowan Cotton Glace
Yarn Source: Liberty
Needle: US2 & US3 24" Circulars
Size: XS (9 lace repeats)
Made for: Myself
Time taken: May 2007 - August 2007

Tada, I present to you my Rose-gina!

I am pretty pleased with it. Maybe it's just a tad too short and a tad too snug. But then cotton stretches so that should be fixed naturally soon.

I substituted Rowan 4 ply Cotton with Cotton Glace but I still knit with the same needle sizes. I cast on for 9 repeats to get the snug fit for me. Mattress stitch 1.5 of the lace repeats for the shoulder if you are interested to know.

This is a very simple lace pattern and I highly recommends it to all lace beginner. It's very very simple but yet so beautiful.

I have model shots of Beau. I just need to do something to blur out the face since my bf does not like to be on the web! So stay tuned!



Blogger iSeL said...

Hot stuff! It looks great.

10 September, 2007 19:24  
Anonymous gypsylady said...

Gorgeous Jade!

10 September, 2007 20:13  
Blogger Mozilla said...

Lovein the Rosegina. Good job. It doesn't look too snug though. Hope that works out in the long run

10 September, 2007 22:52  
Blogger opportunityknits said...

Looks very good on you!

11 September, 2007 01:59  
Blogger Macoco said...


11 September, 2007 13:14  
Blogger Lily said...

WOW! You look hot in it!

12 September, 2007 06:13  
Blogger projektleiterin said...

That pink is very cute and goes very well with the design.

12 September, 2007 08:59  
Blogger lomester said...

It turned out terrific!

19 September, 2007 14:26  
Blogger Monique said...

Gorgeous! You did a wonderful job and it fits you like a dream! Simply beautiful. I might just have to make this.

01 October, 2007 22:20  
Anonymous melusine_tricote said...

wow, this rose gina is absolutely fabulous ! Congratulations !

24 February, 2008 12:30  

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