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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Seed stitch scarf

Pattern: Seed stitch scarf
Yarn: 1 skein of Alpaca with a Twist Highlander
Yarn source: In Stitches
Needle: US7 24" circular

Well, remember him? This cute little boy saw me knitting when I was staying at his place and told me that he wanted a scarf too. So I made him one.

He loves it and was playing with it when I gifted it to him. It had been a cold winter in Virginia and I forgot to ask his mum if the scarf was put into use. You know how kids are, no scarf, no mittens and no hats no matter how cold it is outside.

I love the yarn, absolutely love the softness and the tweediness. I also bought enough for myself in another color. Can't wait to make something out of it for myself. ;-)

For now, I will leave you with another cute pic of him modeling the scarf!


Blogger kienjean said...

My aunt, may I have one ;p ??

01 April, 2007 02:39  
Blogger FantasyKnits said...

Hi!! Are you already back from India? Eva

21 April, 2007 04:09  

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