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Monday, October 03, 2005

Left panel of AJ completed

As usual, I get really lazy with my knitting over the weekends. =P Oh well, I am lazy, I admit it. And I loved to laze in bed. You won't believe how late I sleep in on Sunday.

On Saturday, we visited Charlottesville, about 2 hrs from our place. I know, I know, we are crazy. With the extraordinary gas cost, we shouldn't be taking such a long trip but then it was such a gorgeous day. It would be a waste to spend it indoor. It's a cute little college town. It was highly recommended by people who had been there but seriously, I don't think that it's worth the 2 hrs drive at all. We should have save some gas money and went to the swamp in Maryland that G had been wanting to go. There is always this weekends and hopefully it will be as gorgeous as last weekends was.

On the knitting side, I am done with the left side of AJ and is now halfway through the right side. Wanted to take a pic of AJ in natural sunlight but my camera is low on batt so will probably do it when the right side is done. Besides AJ, I have 3 other knitting projects on the needle as well. However, I have been neglecting them as I am very eager to finish AJ asap.

You will also notice that I am currently updating my blog. Let me know if you see anything wrong and if you have any suggstions.


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