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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Philar Sundance Autumn Winter 2005-2006 issue

I was reading knitticism's blog last week and saw this sweater design that I absolutely fall for. I decided then and there that I gotta make it. But alas, this issue of Phildar only comes in French! =( I don't know any french. Chinese, yes! English, yes! I have G for German and Spanish. But not French.
I got lucky however. My colleague/friend at work who is a french offered to translate the pattern for me if need be. She even offered to get me the yarn when she goes back to France for Christmas at the end of the year!! Aww, that's so sweet of her. Anyway, I also read on Craftster that it shouldn't be too difficult to understand the pattern instruction since the knitting terms are pretty standard. I promptly ordered the pattern magazine from Knit'N'Thyme in Canada.

I finally got the magazine yesterday after anxiously waiting for its arrival for over a week. Frankly speaking, I am pretty intimidated by paragraphs after paragraphs of the foreign text. I hope I will put the magazine into good use and not shy away from it.

I have a long list of to-do knitting projects. I hope I will be able to knit all that I want to knit for the coming winter soon.



Anonymous Serene =P said...

Its absolutely beautiful. I hope to se your end result soon. =P

07 October, 2005 21:08  
Blogger winnie said...

oh my god. i have that magazine and i've been drooling over that same sweater too. please do share the translations!!

11 October, 2005 00:23  
Blogger Pixie said...


They have SOME in english or with english inserts, only place I know to get them in English!!

I adore Phildar, I hope you knit this first :)

22 May, 2007 09:55  

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