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Friday, October 07, 2005

Just some mumbo jumbo

I listen with interest the topic that was discussed on FM933 - Are Singaporeans male gentleman? It's quite hysterical to hear some of the responses from the listeners. Naturally, most female thinks 'No, they are not gentlemanly' and the male who responded thinks otherwise. I agree with the female DJ totally on the part that if the guy is only gentlemanly towards a girl he is interested in, then he is not a gentleman at all. Else if that is true, then probably male all over the world are gentlemanly. Doesn't make sense for the guy to ill-treat the woman he is interested in to attract her. And my take on it? Nope, unless they happened to be friends of mine. =P I had never been offered seats by unknown male in Singapore before. Not even when I was about to faint(on a crowded bus) due to a terrible stomachache. They just stared at me like I am an alien from outer space! Imagine that! It's a female who gave up her seat to me in the end. Maybe its just my luck and that I happened to be travelling with a bunch of jerks when I had that bad stomachache.

As I am reading the news on Yahoo this morning, I came across a very weird article. They are reporting on this American company, LifeGem, that offered the service to convert the remains of your loved ones from ashes to blue or yellow diamond. The final product is very pretty but the origins are kind of creepy. *shudders*

Back to knitting. AJ is almost done! I have finished the back and both left and right panel. I had also seamed them together at the shoulder. Had been quite an eventful knit for me so far. I either missed the yarn-over or forgot to increase when it is called for. This is because I am always watching TV when I knit. That should tell you how limited my multi-tasking skill is. Hahaha. Hopefully I will be able to finish the sleeves this weekends since we are probably not going anywhere due to the rain from Tropical Storm Tammy.


Anonymous Serene =P said...

Hey, it looks great! amazing what you can do with 2 needles and a string of yarn. =P

07 October, 2005 21:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just happen to have some time, so just come in and read your mumbo jumbo...:) how free you are and I am!

There's no absolute gentlemen. And gentleman can't be judged at nation level--you are right, it is just some people's luck to meet gentlemen, not necessarily no gentlemen in Sg. Somemore the manner of gentlemen should not only be shown to female. How about a kid or old people, or weaker male? "Gentlemen" is the word summarizing respect, being thoughtful, being humble and polite, and behaving nobly. hahaha...just contibute my rubbish comments.

will wait to see your finished product --- hopefully a sweater. :p


09 October, 2005 01:09  
Blogger JF said...

Haaaa....ah jia, you want to hide your identity yet put your name at the bottom...
Wow Bee Gek, sooner or later you can open shop already.

09 October, 2005 20:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi gal!

Nice work, nice blog too...
This's sure going to be 1 of my 'Favorites' now... ;)

09 October, 2005 23:49  

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