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Monday, October 10, 2005

What can I say?

It's very annoying when people typecast you. I just had a colleague came by and tell me about his weekends. He went shooting. I am not too crazy about guns especially over here-too many crazy, stupid, irresponsible people running around to allow the legalisation of gun possession. Yes, they can argue that the gun makes them feel safer about criminals and bad people. But come on, so many countries in the world live peacefully without that law so I don't think that is a valid reason at all. I had argued with him over that point so I don't think there was any need to go on about it when he mentioned he went shooting. As I stared at him blankly while he relates his "adventure", he finally gave up and asked if I am interested in shooting. Duh, what do you think? I replied him likewise and he commented that it's funny why all the Chinese he had came across do not like shooting despite the fact that the Chinese is the one who invented gunpowder. God have mercy. I held my tongue and hope my face didn't flush red. What the heck was that? How insensitive and ignorant can he be? Or maybe he is just plain stupid!

P.S: I even checked with G if I over-reacted but he assured me that he would have cobbled him too if he had said that to him!


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