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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And the obsession with red continues...

My new windproof waterproof jacket from North Face. Costs me a small fortune but it's the best of the best. I will be going hiking for the whole of next week so this will be put to the test.

And that's my Nokia N73 and iPod Nano. Those 2 balls are my 2 ply silk and merino all wound up and ready for me to cast on for my very own Flower Basket Shawl. Can't wait! =)


Blogger iSeL said...

Ohh, excuse me! Only the best for Jade. :P

Love this obsession with red. Cool trinkets!

30 May, 2007 17:17  
Anonymous Sarah R said...

Oooh, I love red, too. I almost bought a new digital camera the other day because it was the prettiest shade of red. I did manage to convince myself that that wasn't the sanest reason to buy a new camera.

Love that red phone, though.

31 May, 2007 08:19  
Anonymous jasmine said...

ooh -- hiking that should be fun. How is the weather? That is quite a jacket

31 May, 2007 09:38  
Blogger Lily said...

I also want to knit FBS, but I don't have suitable yarn. Yours looks yummy.

31 May, 2007 13:48  
Anonymous gypsylady422 said...

And who used to tease me about my reds and pinks??????? Ahem.....?

01 June, 2007 21:09  
Blogger Carin said...

I hope you're having fun with the hiking. I love hiking, it's fun and a great exercise. Hope there'll be pictures to see.

05 June, 2007 15:10  

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