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Thursday, January 19, 2006

This and That

For the past few weeks, I had been obsessively 'chasing' after this Korean drama that I haven't knitted much. I try to knit but as I am still not too great with knitting by touch, the progress of my knit projects were excruciatingly slow! I finally finished watching the whole series at 2am last Tuesday night. I bought the whole set of VCD when I was back in Singapore last July. I eagerly watched the first 30 episodes(70 in all) in a couple of weeks after my return but somehow I just stopped watching after that. After I got a VCD-DVD player(courtesy of my sis, hehe. cos it's region free, cheap and small) recently, I decided to finish watching it. I guess I prefer watching it on TV as opposed to the computer which was what I was watching it on before. VCD was never officially introduced in the US therefore availability of the player is only limited to Chinatown. This is a very riveting period Korean drama. I loved it and I will probably re-watch it a year later when I had forgotten everything.

Speaking of television series, do you love the 1993's Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman starring Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain? I loved it and am happily surprised to realise that they had released it on DVD since last June. Just swung by eBay and bought the first season (only USD$19 for 6 discs!). Will see if it holds up for me before buying the next season that is recently released. I know, I know, my taste in TV shows sucks(as G routinely informs me) but who cares. They entertain me and I thought that was the whole point of TV! Hehe. =P

Have you checked out the latest issue of Rowan and Rebecca? For some reason, the link from the main Rowan page for Rowan 39 is no longer there. However, you can still access it through this, this and this. From the preview online, both issues looked fantastic. This Rowan issue will be the last of my subscription and I am still unsure if I should continue. I probably will since
  1. I liked most of their patterns,
  2. I get a member package(that means free yarn!) and
  3. I get to purchase discontinued yarn at 50% off. Yeah for that!

I am currently in kind of a limbo state where knitting is concerned. I am making slow but good progress on Butterfly. I had been giving serious considerations of continuing on with the Phildar sweater cause for one, I am still having doubts of making it in cream. And also, the weather seems to be getting more spring-like that I feel like starting on my spring knits instead. Weather has been usually warm here on the East Coast of America. I want to make something that I can wear at the end instead of storing it away and waiting a whole year before I can wear it! My boss was saying that he believes winter will be back with a vengence soon! After going through my wardrobe, I am finally convinced that making it in cream is the right choice. As Aurora 8 is very comfortable and this sweater has a lot of 'holes', I think it will not be too warm. So you will be seeing more progress on my Phildar sweater soon! I hope.

A while back, I won a pack of 10 sks of Noro Shinano in #14 on eBay. Ever since then, I had been looking for a suitable project for it. I was considering Teva Durham's Diagonal Twist jacket but too much modification will have to be done given the different gauge that I abandon the idea. Then I thought to use it for ChicKnits Ribby Cardi but I am not sure if it will look good as it. Then there is Rogue. I loved that design but I don't think I have enough yarn to make that. I don't want to risk it and to realise in the end that I really do not have enough. Now, I am contemplating using them for Klaralund especially seeing how well Blossom's one turns out. What do you think? What should be Shinano be transformed into? Any suggestions will be warmly welcomed!



Blogger Amanda said...

Oh, I also love those Korean dramas! I'm from Indonesia so I can get those vcds easily. But I only watch the ones that's guaranteed to have happy ending. So many series ended with one of the couple dead or crippled or something.

19 January, 2006 19:25  

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