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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year weekends.

So over the long holiday weekends, what did me and G do? We caught a hockey game at the MCI center (because G's Philadelphia's Flyer was in town), and we caught both King Kong and Narnia at the movie theatre.

That was my first hockey game and I absolutely loved the whole atmosphere. The only thing that mars our afternoon there was a stupid ungracious Capital fan who was sitting right behind G. He is either always this ungracious or he noticed G's Flyer jersey. He was shouting abuses towards G's team throughout the whole game. When the game ends in a shootout and the capital won, he was sneering at G and saying 'So much for your No. 1 team!'. Throughout the whole game, we DIDN'T say anything bad or was even insultive towards him or the team he supports. G was actually telling me how good their goalkeeper is and how great one of their player will be one day since he is doing fantastically as a rookie. He doesn't even know much about the game and its penalties because one of his friends had to keep explaining it to him. So really, what was that all about? It of course got G all worked up and I had to push him along to avoid any confrontations! But really, I wanted to show that stupid !#@!!# old fool my middle finger more. He had lived far longer than us and you would expect more from him but instead he is acting like a brash young man!

Later in the same evening, we again met a crazy lady at the parking lot as we were leaving after our dinner. Her husband was having trouble backing out of the parking lot and so Glenn commented offhandedly that it seemed he was not doing a great job of moving his car. We didn't notice that his wife was around and next thing you know, she was ranting at us with the 'f' word and all. We were too shocked to react. I didn't catch half of what she was saying since she was walking away as she ranted. But G heard everything since he was standing nearer to her. She was ranting about how we should mind out f#@!*# business. Apparantly, she crashed to the side of the lot and caused the brick to dislodge and was having the husband moved the car because of it. It really makes G upset that we met 2 insane person in a day. Which is why he is not too crazy about Virginians right now. Hahaha, no offense, virginians but judging by what happened recently, I think its totally understandable why he is reacting the way he is.

So that's how 2005 ended for us. Not a pleasant way to end I must add but it could have been much worse.

We both liked Narnia and King Kong. I know some people find Narnia too religious and stupid but taking it as an entertaining movie, I think they did a great job with it. King Kong is so sad and yet so realistic because that's probably what will happen to it if such a creature exists.

Knitting wise, I am done with both back and front of Salina and is half done with one of the sleeves. Yeah!!!! I see a FO soon. Hopefully sometimes this week cause I am eager to complete it and of course show it off by wearing it. Hehe.

I took Butterfly out to continue with it but slipped it off the needle by accident. Somehow, I just can't seem to get the right amount of stitches back on the needle so I rip the whole thing and restarted it again. Sigh, so no progress on that at all! =(

As for the brown Phildar sweater, I will get started on it this weekends I promise. Now if I can just find my misplaced yarns...



Blogger winnie said...

happy new year jade! sorry to hear that your 2005 ended on a sour note with those two crazies. 2006 will be much better! (i hope) can't wait to see your salina.

03 January, 2006 12:17  

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