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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Totally non-knitting related

Karma got this from her mother. It's absolutely the cutest and I just had to get a pair for James as well! Especially since an evil ebay seller took my money but never sent out what is suppose to be his Christmas present! She has since been suspended and I am waiting for Paypal to refund me the money. Hopefully I will get the full refund.

Since he is born in the year of the monkey(according to the chinese calender), I also bought him the monkey one but in blue. It arrived yesterday and James absolutely loves it! He was wearing it around the house. Pointing at it and calling it monkey. So cute! He doesn't even try to take it off which is his norm when you put on socks and/or shoes on him.

Seeing what a great hit this is with James and how much my FSIL raves about it (she told me this is one of his baby stuffs that she will keep for him forever), I decided to get this for G's best friend's newborn too. As she is a girl, she will get a cute pink bunny one!!! Isn't that adorable? To be on the safe side, I am getting her the 6-12months size. I hope it will be a big hit with her too once she gets to be more aware of the stuffs that she is wearing. =P

I realise I had been posting quite a few non-knitting related entries recently. That brings to mind, I probably named my blog very inappropriately. Well, too late now. Too much to do to change it.


Anonymous erin said...

Those are cute shoes, it's fun to read about your little one.

06 January, 2006 03:02  

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