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Monday, January 09, 2006

Thank you fellow bloggers!

Wow, thank you so much for the wonderfully encouraging comments to my last post.

I know that not all Americans are this ignorant. Thankfully! Else I am probably a member of the Anti-America group now. I am sure there is such a group. Too many insane and ignorant people running around in the world to not have one.

I know how sensitive religion and politics can be. So I usually refrain from talking about it unless I know the other party has the same viewpoint as me or is very open-minded about this whole issue. But that day, things just kind of goes crazy when one of them mentioned how brillant Bush is. Another colleague joined in by opposing that comment and I got into the whole fray trying to help that colleague out. I ended being in the limelight with a 'I am not going to convert to an American' statement (read more here).

I really feel very upset after lunch that day. At that instance, I missed home so much that I almost cried. The worst part is that I can't even call home, what with the time difference. So I did the next best thing and blog here. Thank you Brandy, Karma, Winnie and janX for making me feel so much better. Fiance also think I should laugh it off cause he thinks we should pity the intellectually incapable instead. Afterall, they can't help it. Hahaha, that really makes my day.

Anyway, on to knitting. At least it's not that controversial. But then again, people think of knitters as frumpy old woman. Which is why I have joined the Sexy Knitters Club to revolt against that! =P

Salina's Progress
Woohoo. I am almost done. I know I keep saying that. =P But seriously, it's close! I have seamed in all but one sleeves and the side that the sleeves is to go. I am done with the collar too. I thought I will seamed in the completed sleeves to make sure that everything is right before proceeding on. Frogging one sleeve will be heart-breaking enough, let alone 2! The result: sleeves number 1 fits very nicely so I am working on sleeves number 2 now.

Tendances Brown Sweater
Ok, I probably shouldn't call it Brown Sweater since I am making it in cream. But really, there is no name for this sweater, just a number. Nobody will know what I am talking about if I call it the cream sweater. Then again, the same can be said about brown sweater. Ok, enough rambling about the name, I will call it Phildar brown sweater from now on and that's that.

I swatched for it last night using Karabella Aurora 8 in cream that I got on sale from Knit Happens. Started the 2/2 ribbing. Currently having serious thoughts about making a cream sweater albeit a long sleeve one too. But will probably stick with it cos
1) I look good in cream ;-)
2) I have too much yarn that I can't justify buying more of.

Had been eager to return to it. Currently, I am "chasing" after a Korean drama as I knit and I don't think Butterfly is an appropriate piece to knit while your eyes is also stuck to the TV.

Am also thinking to start one of the following
- Rogue in Noro Shinano (what do you think? Should I? Will it look good in Noro?)
- Clapotis
- Hourglass Sweater or something to that effect in Rowan Cork(4 skeins from Rowan sub) Earthy and Jaeger Chamonix St Tropez. Some maths will be involved since gauge is totally off.



Anonymous kessa said...

Hi. I linked over from the Phildar tendances knitalong. Thank you for answearing my question. Is the pattern for the project pictured on the button? If its not, well, I've started the ribbing anyway. =P

You mentioned about having completed the translation, is it possible to send me a copy of the translated version? It will be very much appreciated. I stopped at 7cm as I'm translating as I go along. Bad lesson learnt. =C Anyway, my email is kessaknits@yahoo.com

I suppose Singapore is not that renown in the world so their viewpoint is limited to the Michael Fay thing... But that was so long ago! They should come and taste the Char Kueh Teow loh! Anyway, I support your choice. I would've done the same if I were in your shoes. Theres just this kinda special feeling for somewhere you spent so many years at, and grew up in. =)

*sends u some rain from Singapore* its been rainning like crazy, but I still love it.

And yea, its time for them to change that out-of-date image that comes to mind when anyone mentions "knit"!

09 January, 2006 20:33  
Blogger goodkarma said...

Ooooh, go for the Karabella Aurora 8. So very yummy. I'm jealous! The only thing I've made out of Aurora was a gift, so I didn't get to wear it. :( Enjoy!

10 January, 2006 01:41  
Blogger Lisa said...

I'm seriously falling for the phildar sweater...I know it's old but I was wondering if you finished it? Is it possible I could get your translated pattern? I know absolutely no French and get a headache when I look at the pattern!
My email address is lisa.sutor@gmail.com if you want to send it over.
I really admire your knitting and would appreciate the help!

20 May, 2007 01:14  

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