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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Back from Orlando

Finally, I am added to the Asia Knits Webring. Please refer to the bottom of my side bar for more information.

I just got back from Florida yesterday. Totally exhausted out. Went to DisneyWorld, Universal Studios and Seaworld (Photos to be uploaded soon). There was a lot of walking done and due to the bad weather, both my sister and G are sick. I am still hanging on to my good health and I hope I can weather through it. I am kind of worried that I am coming down with cold as my whole body ache today. Hopefully it's from all the walking. Weather here in Virginia is not too great either so it doesn't help with the whole sick situation.

Since we were away for so long, there was a whole pile of mails waiting for us to get to. I got the latest Rowan newsletter and there is a whole bunch of Rowan cotton yarn on 50% sale (because they are discontinued color). Yippee! After going through everything, I finally settle on Rowan Calmer in Joy(478). However, I am still torn between Purr(167) or Peaches(168) for Rowan All Seasons Cotton.

Purr(167) or Peaches(168)?

I am kind of leaning towards Purr as it can't go too wrong where the color is concerned. Any recommendations? Can't decide what to use them for yet but then at 50% off, is there is a need for a project idea to buy them? =P

I started on the Lace & Agate scarf for G's mum last night and I am about a third done already. What a fast knit! I had made some progress on the HP's scarf that is meant for G's sis. It's a very boring and therefore slow knit. Hopefully I will be done by next Friday. Just in time for x'mas. I definately am not going to be done with Butterfly in time for x'mas so G's other sister will be getting something else instead. Progress shots to be included in my next entry.


Blogger Tess said...

I have Peaches and really like the color. Hope this helps.

15 December, 2005 17:53  
Blogger Lois said...

i used Joy for my Audrey (rowan35).

i'm more of a purple person, so i go with Purr. =)

let me know if u are interested in any knit n tonic's adult patterns.

15 December, 2005 19:52  

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