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Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas Knits

I am back after a week away in NY. Went to G's parents place for Thanksgiving. What more, my sister is here!!! Finally. She bought with her all the goodies that I missed so much from Singapore. She arrived last Monday and we bought her around NYC. Will be posting a more detailed description in my next entry.

Now, on to knitting. Haven't been knitting much since was out most of the time while in NY. However, I am almost done with the branching out scarf and I had completed the back for my Salina. Once I am done with the branching out scarf(which I planned to asap since it's for my sister and she is here a week already, bad me!), I am going to start on my Christmas knits. Butterfly is for one of G's sister.

I just caught the latest Harry Potter movie and I totally fell in love with Cho's scarf so I am planning to make that for G's other sister who likes Harry potter too as well as the color blue. I might make one for myself too. I love blue and grey.

I still can't decide what to make for G's mum yet and I had not made her anything so far save for a pair of pearl earrings. Any suggestions, anyone?

I will end with another pic of Cho and her scarf. Hehehe. I am still deciding what yarn to go for... Mayhap Caron Simply Soft or Cascade 220 or Brown Sheep Company Cotton Fleece or Unger Utopia and the list goes on and on....
All Harry Potter's pictures courtesy of Veritaserum

P.S: Thank you so much for all the nice comments that was posted for both my Winnie-the-Pooh pillowcases as well as my Bella Paquita.


Blogger goodkarma said...

Wasn't Cho adorable? I couldn't get over how sweet she was with that Scottish accent. I'd love a scarf like hers, too! Hmmm... time for shopping?!

28 November, 2005 18:16  
Blogger Pixiepurls said...

I will warn you now it is a looooooooooong knit! I suggest not doing the reccomended 7 inches, but go for 5 or even 4. its very thick given it's knitted in the round. I don't like the knitted 1x1 rib versions, and anyone who says that's how they are in the latest movie is smoking crack.

I still have yet to finish my 7.5 inch wide one in the normal harry potter colors. It looks wonderful though. Just a loooooooooooong knit! not a hard knit, just gets boring!

02 December, 2005 16:39  

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