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Monday, December 05, 2005

Mode: PANIC!!!

Sigh, you would think with so little time till Christmas, I will be more careful with my knitting so that I won't have to rip anything. Such is not the case of course.

I know going in that Cho's Scarf will be 9" wide if I cast on 90 stitches as specified in the pattern. I meant to reduce the width to 6~7" instead. But I forgot about this modification totally in my haste to get things started. I only realised this after I am done with 1 repeat! I know my sister-in-law will not like it if it's that wide especially since it's already quite thick. So rip rip rip... The progress is therefore still at 0%. =(

Somehow, I just haven't got around to starting Butterfly yet. I doubt I can get it done in time for Christmas. Will have to think about an alternative present. I will just have to reserve this for her birthday. Or maybe just blame it on the mail man for late delivery since this is for G's sister out in California. Hehe.

As for G's mom, I am thinking about the Lace & Agate Scarf using leftover Jaeger Chamonix in my stash. The pattern looks fast and easy. But will the yarn be enough? Something to think about... I am also thinking of using a heathery brown yarn to make the Irish Hiking scarf for G's dad. Brown(or as G would call it, crap color) is his favourite color. Yes, they are all getting scarf. Scarf is the easiest and safest thing I can think of to knit for them.

3 more weeks to go and it's Christmas. I know I will have no problem completing the 3 scarfs but I am not sure about Butterfly. Oh well, I will just have to get started on it soon to know. Wish me luck!


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