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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The hunt for Casper

Everyone had a favourite teddy bear of some sort when they were young. My G had Casper! Instead of calling it Casper like any other normal human beings, he had to be different and demonstrate how smart he is by calling it his soft and cuddly. I think that is very very cute and endearing though. Hehehe.

I would have love to meet the toddler version of him and watch him drag his soft and cuddly everywhere but I was not even conceived then, let alone born. So oh well.

When I last visit my future MIL and SIL, we somehow started discussing about this and one thing lead to another and the next thing you know, I am online, googling for Casper circa ~1975 by Mattel. However, the only Mattel version I can find is this scary porcelain one which G's sister and mum all agreed is NOT the one.

So off I go again searching for G's soft and cuddly. I found a few different one on eBay, none from Mattel. Finally, we roped in G's Dad as well and we finally found THE ONE. I placed a bid for it and I won by 1 cents! Imagine that. I hope my G will get a kick out of it when I gave it to him on Christmas day.


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