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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Odds and Ends

I restarted Cho's scarf last night and is very disheartened to read on Craftster that it takes a knitter the whole of 2 weeks to finish one scarf. And she only cast on 50 sts while I cast on 65 sts. I finish one repeat last night. 13 more to go. Oh well, maybe I will be a faster knitter now that time is so so tight.

I have also settled on the Lace and Agate Scarf for G's mum using leftover Jaeger Chamonix in Nimes from my stash. As for G's Dad, I am definately going with the Irish Hiking Scarf. G's mom suggested it to be done in cream or light brown as the color of his coats are dark brown and black. So I decided to go with this Jo Sharp DK wool tweed yarn in a shade called Oatmeal that I found on eBay.
I think this will go with either black or brown. Agree?

I mentioned in a few posts before that I completed the back of Salina. And since the last pic of Salina I posted was just a few rows on the needle, I decided to post a pic of the completed back and what is probably also the last pic of Salina for this year.

The color is a bit darker than in this pic. I really love how this is turning out. The yarn has flecks of black, white and BLUE, so pretty! I can't wait to complete this soon. It's a pretty fast knit too.

Hopefully the next time I post an entry here, it will be an FO, preferably something from my X'mas list. ^_^

I just watched the teaser trailer for X-MEN 3 and it looks fantastic!!! Can't wait for it to be shown fast enough.


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