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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Knitting updates

I was hoping Bella Paquita would be a FO by now but such is not the case. However, I am very close to finishing it. Just half a sleeve more to go. Woohoo! I had tried it on too and it fits perfectly! I was in a panic mode yesterday when I finished the bottom and realised I had only 2.5balls of Aurora 8 left. I wanted a 3/4 sleeves so I have no idea what I will do if there is not enough yarn for it. So I rushed through 1 sleeves and whew! Each sleeve takes less than a ball of Aurora 8. Here are some progress shots of Bella:

I love how Bella is turning out. I can't believe how comfortable Aurora 8 is when I tried it on. Bear in mind that Bella is very figure-hugging.

Besides knitting like crazy to get Bella done before Thanksgiving, I had been yarn shopping too. I got 2000yards of Jaggerspun Zephyr at Springwater Fiber Workshop to substitute Rowan Kidsilk Haze for Butterfly and Aimee. I am intending to make 2 butterfly vests as Christmas present and Aimee for myself. I was very smitten by Eunny's Butterfly which is why I decided to go with the sub. $$ has a big part to play in it too. 2000yds of Zephyr only cost me $27 which I can probably only get 2.5balls or less of Rowan KSH. However, I have to say, Zephyr is a very yummy yarn too being that it consists of 50% merino wool and 50% silk. Given the price, what more can you ask for?

On the cover of Rowan is Butterfly. That's Jaggerspun Zephyr at the top right hand corner of the photo. I love that shade of indigo. This will be my first attempt at lace knitting. I hope both butterfly and aimee will turn out well!

I haven't done much about Salina after I had to frog it and redraw the schematics to fit me. I am not even done with the seed stitches. Oh well, now that Bella is almost done, I can get back to Salina again. However, I had also better start with my Christmas presents knit. It would be embarrassing to tell people that their present is still a work in progress when present exchange time comes. =P I will be on their "no-present" list next year if that should happen. I wouldn't want that now, would I?


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