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Monday, December 19, 2005

Missing my sister...

I thought I had enough of my sister after having her here for a month. But as I left the airport after watching her walked to her departure gate, I just can't help it. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I realised it's my sister and I won't be able to see her again for at least another 6 months or even more.

Family, they drive you insane when you are with them. Yet you can't help but missed them when you are far away from them. I miss my sister already. G feels bad whenever he sees me this way cos he felt responsible for yakking me away from my family. Especially since even a straight flight home will still take me 20hrs. I hope my sister had a safe and good trip home. It's another 8hrs before she arrives in Singapore.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey my dear friend...

Do you know u have this faithful blog reader in me ;) Read ur most recent post and wanna tell u to cheer up! Ur family and us are only a phone call away if u think of it this way ya... I just returned from Brisbane.How have u been too?

Missing u,

19 December, 2005 23:21  
Blogger becky said...

I sympathize. My own sister is far away and I miss her dearly :-(

20 December, 2005 07:17  
Blogger kienjean said...

Oh how sgould i start this?

OK, Hi, my aunt far away from Malaysia, you're in Virgina right? I miss you obviously, so many years never meet you, we must take photos when we meet again, promise me OK? Anyway do you have Friendster account?

Just scan through your blog as I don't have much time when you keep inviting me to your blog through my email.

When I read this I almost tears down because yesterday I just finish reading Mei Jun's blog, she writes the same thing too. She cries at the airport...I meet your whole family twice in these three months, they are very well, don't worry.

I'm sorry if I make you sad or miss her again. Just curious, I think G is your fiance isn't it? 6 months or even more meaning to say your wedding party will be held earliest in June?

Your fiance looks good and nice. Thanks for your help in purchasing my DVDs, I get it safely from ur sis.

I salute your obsession towards knitting. Wow! It is fantastic...

OK, thanks again. Take care. May The Lord bless your good self ;)

04 March, 2006 04:12  

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