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Friday, January 20, 2006

Butterfly and Phildar Progress

There is nothing like a new project to motivate me to knit. While I wait for the Noro Silk Garden to arrive for Klaralund, I am knitting away both Butterfly and Phildar. Here are some progress shots.

Butterfly looks like a mess of ramen noodle now. The photos do not do either Butterfly or Jaggerspun Zephyr justice. It's coming out really pretty and delicate. I just hope G's sister thinks so too. I hope to be done with this baby by the end of this week. Because I might have another lace knit upcoming.

I have another friend registering her marriage this March. Sigh and this is a very close friend too! I would really like to be there. Not just for the ceremony. I would like to go shopping with her for the perfect dress, the perfect shoe, the accessories, etc.. etc... Since I can't, I thought to maybe knit her a shawl to go with the dress. While searching for inspiration online, I saw this stole at Knitters Anonymous that I think will be perfect. At first I thought it's the Unst Stole from Heirloom Knitting based on her blog entry. However, while I was looking through all the knitting magazines I have at home, I came across the Madil's Shawl in Interweave Knits and it looks just like the stole on Knitters Anonymous. So that settles it, I think I will be making the Madil's Shawl for my friend. What's left now is to get the appropriate yarn. Of the laceweight yarn, I have only used Rowan Kidsilk Haze and Jaggerspun Zephyr. Of these 2, I think Zephyr will be more appropriate because of the shine due to the higher silk content. Do you know of any other laceweight yarn that might be appropriate too? Being that my friend is in Singapore, I don't think warmth is much of an issue. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. ^_^

The Phildar sweater is a very fast knit. The pattern is very simple and yet interesting enough to not bore me. I am half done with the back piece. Ever since I learnt tubular cast on, I have been using it for all rib sts.

Much progress has been made since these pictures were taken. I love how neat the edges are due to the tubular cast-on. Oh, and I am using Aurora 8 in cream for this sweater instead of Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran.



Anonymous erin said...

It's a good idea to use zephyr for butterfly. I'll check back to see how much yarn is needed when you're done. I like your cream phildar, I like creamy knits!

23 January, 2006 20:11  
Blogger Lois said...

yummy knits indeed. if you are doin madli like the one in the pic, do leave out the nupps. else the nupps might just slow down the knitting process.

23 January, 2006 21:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is some beautiful knitting.

24 January, 2006 20:22  

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