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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Introducing my beading shop

Awww, I am so touched to hear from you gals. I am fully recovered now. Yeah for that! G is pretty convinced that I had the migraine instead of headache. My headache usually go away after taking Tylenol (aka Panadol in Singapore). But this one survived unscathed after 4 Tylenol. It just slowly go away yesterday evening and left me tired out from the pain. However, it went away early enough to indulge in a little knitting last night. ;-) However, I told G I am too exhausted to cook so we have Chinese takeout instead! How's that for a celebration for surviving the head pain? Hahahaha.

Since I got to knit last night, I finished the body part of Klaralund. I will take a pic of it soon to show the beautiful colorway. I am not really crazy about Noro Silk Garden I tell you. It wind up too easily. The thickness is not consistent. And there are pieces of wood all over that I have to try to pick it out else it's going to make a very prickly piece of garment. Am I the only one who have this problem? I seemed to read great reviews about it everywhere. Of the Noro yarn, I had only tried Gemstones besides Silk Garden. I love Gemstones though but it's discontinued. =( However, I still have 6 skeins of it in my stash. Hehe.

As you can see, I haven't touched my Phildar for a very long time. Anyway, for those who are interested, check out Kessa's Phildar. I can't seem to get the link to the blog entry but here is the link for the month of Jan and it's the 2nd last entry for that month. Becky at fluffa! is also making this and is almost done with the back piece. I should really get cracking and have more progress on it.

Besides knitting, my other love is beading as some of you are already aware of. So, under my FSILs and my best friends' encouragements, I had setup a simple website to try to sell some of my creations as well as to see how the general response are to both the design and the price. Do pop by if you are free and give me some feedbacks. Some business will definately be good too. Hehe. The selections are kinda small for now as I don't dare to invest too much yet. Once the business starts coming in, you will be sure to see more! Anyway, hope to hear from you about it soon.



Blogger iSeL said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better.
Your Klaralund is going really fast and it is beautiful!

Good luck with the bead shop!
I hope to see you at our next meeting.

02 February, 2006 07:18  
Anonymous joy said...

I love Silk Garden for the colors, and have used it a number of times, but for me, it's too itchy for next to skin wear. It does get softer with washing, though, so that might help. Look forward to seeing your Klaralund, and good luck selling your earrings!

02 February, 2006 10:31  
Blogger Carin said...

I agree with you on the silk garden, the yarn seems a bit crude or raw, thick and thin, and the small pieces of wood in it, but I didn't hate it, it was just unusual for me. Maybe that's why I haven't worn my klaralund in public yet? I guess color is what people like about Noro?

03 February, 2006 00:06  
Blogger Ruth said...

hi jade! i found your blog through your bella paquita post (i love how yours turned out!!) and it completely inspired me to make one for myself... =) anyhow, you have a very pretty blog! your bead shop also looks really nice - i just started teaching myself how to bead. your projects look very pretty! =)

07 February, 2006 16:26  

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