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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tired out?

I am trying to take a pic of Madli off the blocking board. Maybe tonight so I can go to the post office and mailed it out tomorrow. I will post the details when I get that picture. Madli is sure getting a lot of pictures taken. Forgive me for going crazy with it. First, it was a KO project so I have all those other pics to show my WIP. Now, I am just so in awe of how pretty it is that I want to take as many pics of it as possible since I am giving it away.

Now that that's completed, I should have gone back to Butterfly since all it needs is the picot edging. However, I am kind of in a slump. Maybe I am all tired out from Madli. I am however inching along with Klaralund.

I am feeling kind of down too. I just learned that 2 of my colleagues in my engineering team just tendered. There is only 5 of us in the team. There is a lot of discontent in the whole department currently. We have yet to know if we are going to get any bonus but they just announced that they are hiring 2 more directors. Our department has only 22 employees in all and we now have 11 directors, VP & MD. One of the director was newly promoted and she is with us for barely half a year. My 2 colleagues have both been here for at least 5 years or more. I am not saying that's the reason they are leaving but it's kind of easy to imagine what the reasons could be.

Even though I am kind of in a knitting slump, that doesn't prevent me from adding more patterns to my to-knit list. Someone on Craftster brought Knitty's Starsky to my attention. I love it. That pattern is exactly what I have been looking for. However, I will leave that for next Fall/Winter. That is if I didn't find another one like it that I liked even more.

Another pattern that has been on my mind is Knitty's Forecast, especially after seeing how Winnie's turned out. There is also a KAL for it with some beautiful WIPs that tempts me even more. I picture mine in a lovely shade of Rose, a perfect jacket for those cold Spring day. Or as a versatile jacket in navy tweed. And naturally, I have to pick a shade that I do not have so as to justify buying more yarns. Hahaha. I am trying to have some self control here so I won't buy any yarns until both Butterfly and Klaralund are done. If I am still thinking about it, maybe I will then.

ETA: I just learned that one of my colleagues will not be leaving after all. He negotiates with the MD directly and got what he wanted I guess. And I know what my bonus is finally. Woohoo for that!


Blogger Carin said...

Sorry to hear about the colleagues situation. I hope you'll be cheerier soon.

I was also thinking of buying some Cascade 220 for a cable sweater. That yarn is such a good value. The color Rose will look great on you.

And that Starsky pattern is nice, I like!

02 March, 2006 16:36  

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