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Monday, February 27, 2006

No gold medal for me

Well, I am left with the lace border to knit and then I will be done with Madil. The next time I blogged about Madil, it will be all blocked and ready for its long journey to Singapore!

Knowing that I won't be getting the gold, I was kind of slack over the weekends. Hehe. Besides, I was visiting, so all the more reason to relax and play with my adorable 2 yrs old nephew.

The computer problem wasn't too tough. The PCI card wasn't installed properly and hence Windows didn't detect its presence previously. The other problem was just the AT&T installation. Apparantly, the configuration settings provided by AT&T installation disc was not working for some reason. After a call to the AT&T support, some serious exchange with subtle threats of unsubscribing, they fixed my problem by giving me another login name and password. I do not like when the IT support tells me that you should change your operating system because they do not know how to support yours. You see, WinXP has made a lot of things automatic and hence make life so much more easier for them. My future-in-laws are using WinMe which is essentially Win98. As they only use it for email, I see no need to go out and get a copy of WinXP. Besides, I can see that everything is working fine except for the connection to the internet. I am glad that everything is fixed but it took a while to get there cos of the support call. So no yarn shopping for me! =( Oh well, next time hopefully!

Although I didn't get a gold medal for knitting, I score really well for my beaded earrings! I sold 15 pairs of earrings in all. Woohoo! While making the sales, I also asked if the prices are agreeable and how they like my beaded earrings. I got really positive feedbacks which is great! And apparantly, my earrings appeal to customer as young as 12 to as old as 60. Very good demographic!

I have also decided that I will donate 5~10% of my beaded jewelry sales to UNICEF. I am currently donating to Doctors Without Border on a monthly basis so whatever I earned from my bead shop will go to UNICEF then. I do not earn a lot of money but I am very lucky to never have to worry about my next meal or survival.

Thanks everyone for your encouragements with the KO! I will be back with the blocked Madil very very soon!


Blogger Ruth said...

wow!!! congrats on selling all that jewelry!! =)

27 February, 2006 14:05  
Blogger Carin said...

How generous of you to donate, that's really nice.

27 February, 2006 15:27  
Anonymous erin said...

Well, you should get a gold medal for donating to good causes. Congrats on doing well with your earring sales!

27 February, 2006 20:17  
Blogger goodkarma said...

I'm very impressed that you're making regular donations to good causes, especially with your new jewelry making endeavors! That's wonderful.

Can't wait to see your finished shawl. It's going to be gorgeous. :)

27 February, 2006 21:14  
Blogger iSeL said...

Congratulations on almost finishing Madil and selling your jewelry.

Your friend will be very happy.

28 February, 2006 23:13  

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