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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sharpen your brain

This is so interesting!
Apparently, knitting helps to keep the brain sharp.
Check this out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

First FO since forever!!!

It's been a while.

Oh well, I have no idea what to post for a while and thought to wait till the next FO. And what do you know. My knitting speed has decreased so dramatically such that I am averaging 1 FO per year. And it's not even a big FO but something simple like SCARF!!

So here's my first FO of 2009.

Black is such a tough colour to photograph. This is the only decent pic from the multiple shots that I have taken. If you would like to view more pics of this scarf, here are a few more that made the cut. I think I suck at photography. I really wish my pics could look more like hers, hers and his...

This is Wavy from Knitty Winter 2004 made especially for my friend Sandra.
She had been requesting for a handknitted scarf for a while now. Finally, right before Christmas, I 'FEEL' like knitting again and boy, did I make up for lost time.

This baby was done in less than 2 weeks. A record for me given that I have not done much knitting in the past 2 years.

Even though no blocking is required, I decided to give this scarf a good soak in a lanolin rich lavender scented soap. The scarf came out so much softer and smelling much much better than before. I hope Sandra loves it. The scarf is currently on its trans-Atlantic trip to get to her in the USA.

Now that I am back in the 'game', I decided to continue knitting before I forgot how to knit!
The weather 2-3 weeks ago was so damn cold that I was craving for a wool (yes, even the scratchy type would have been so welcomed) sweater. I know myself. I am not going to finish the sweater in time to wear it this winter. So what did I do? I pull out my Klaralund. Yes, I finished that sweater and it looks great but the sleeves! The sleeves make me feel like I am in a Chinese Opera because they are just so gigantic that I could actually hide behind it. I exaggerate of course! So I am having some fancy idea about the amendments. Just go along for now, keep your finger crossed for me and perhaps everything will turn out exactly the way I pictured it! ;-)

Monday, September 01, 2008


The old must go in order for the new to come. Although that's not really true for the reason of my destashment.

I am officially unpacked since March this year. As the unpacking process was underway, I identified some lovely yarns that I would never used. Most of them are just because the colorway are not really suitable for me. So my loss is your gain hopefully.

All prices are not inclusive of shipping. All yarns are kept in Ziploc bag and I do not have any pets at home.

8 skeins of Artyarn Supermerino

details: color 124, 8 skeins, all from the same dyelot, No dyelot nr, 2 skeins wound
USD$60/EUR40 or best offer

6 skeins of Cascade 220

details: color Amethyst 7810, 6 skeins, dyelot 5659
USD$24/EUR16 or best offer

8 balls of Rowan Linen Drape - Discontinued

Details: color Petal 842, 8 skeins, lot 3D1

5 skeins of Tahki cotton classic

Details: color 3486, 5 skeins, lot 638
USD$20/EUR13.50 or best offer

2 balls of Katia Bremen Dos

Details: color 36, 4skeins, lot 34565
USD$8/EUR5.5 or best offer

10 skeins of Noro Cash Iroha

Details: color 79, 10 skeins, lot 0

2 skeins of Manos del urugauy

Details: color 62, 2 skeins, both skeins wound up

Knitting needles
Clover straight 13", US3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15
Clover 20" US11
Bryspun straight US17
Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles straight 12" US10

All needles are in brand new condition.

USD$2.5/EUR1.5 per pair
Best offer(only when buying more than 5)

Shipping & Handling
I will ship worldwide and fyi I am living in Germany.

I will be in the US from 19 September till 28 September. In case of US buyer, if you don't mind waiting, I can ship locally once I am there.

Shipping cost will be charged as per cost. Please use Deutsche Post or USPS(for US buyers only) for shipping estimation. In my email confirmation, I will inform you of the shipping costs.

Interested buyers, please email me at bee17779(at)yahoo(dot)com for more information.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's been a while...

It's been a long long time since I blogged. Somehow times just flew by and before you know it, half a year is gone!

Firstly, I have to comment on Interweave Knits. I have been getting my last 2 issues earlier than the release date as announced on their website. That means a lot given that I am living in Germany! I have already settled on 2 patterns(Leaf Kimono Top & Apres Surf Hoodie) out of the mag. Now, it's only a matter of when I will get around to it. Probably next year at the rate that I am knitting at.

Finally, here's an FO pic of my version of Shifting Sands. I finished it a few months back but never got around to blocking it. It still is not blocked!! Oh well, it's Spring and there is no need for such a warm scarf anymore so will have to wait till Autumn comes around before this baby gets some serious blocking and maybe model shots! For now, hope you enjoyed the lie-still-on-the-sofa shot. =P

And I started on Henley Perfected!!! I was 5 inches into it(knitting in the round some more!!!) before I realised that it will be too big for me. I was already knitting the smallest size and I really don't want to redo the maths for the whole sweater. So what did I do? I read on Ravelry that someone goes down a needle size and the sizing came out just right. I did a swatch, it worked for me and I went down a needle size.

I am 9 inches into it. Can't wait to start the lace part soon. Here's a sneak peek of how it is coming along so far. So what do you think? The color is a bit too sweet huh? I hope to finish it soon. As much as the weather is getting warmer here in Munich, the evening can still be a little chilly. This will be a nice pretty and warm pullover!

Finally, I also started another knitting project. For whatever reasons, all my knitting projects seem to be pink oriented. This is Montego Bay Scarf from Interweave Knits Summer 2007. I am making it with Handmaiden Seasilk in Roses & Ashes. Just gorgoeus! I loved how it is turning out so far.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Meant for Henley Perfected. Got them at Loop.

I just love the colors and as I have no idea what to make with them, I bought only 1 skein of each. I am thinking perhaps the Chervon Scarf from LMKG. Got these at Loop too.

After seeing the completed Bird in Hand mittens on Ravelry, I couldn't help but got on eBay and bought these. The cold weather back in Dec inspired me to get these but the weather has been so warm so far that I haven't been motivated to start on it... Terrible!