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Monday, January 26, 2009

First FO since forever!!!

It's been a while.

Oh well, I have no idea what to post for a while and thought to wait till the next FO. And what do you know. My knitting speed has decreased so dramatically such that I am averaging 1 FO per year. And it's not even a big FO but something simple like SCARF!!

So here's my first FO of 2009.

Black is such a tough colour to photograph. This is the only decent pic from the multiple shots that I have taken. If you would like to view more pics of this scarf, here are a few more that made the cut. I think I suck at photography. I really wish my pics could look more like hers, hers and his...

This is Wavy from Knitty Winter 2004 made especially for my friend Sandra.
She had been requesting for a handknitted scarf for a while now. Finally, right before Christmas, I 'FEEL' like knitting again and boy, did I make up for lost time.

This baby was done in less than 2 weeks. A record for me given that I have not done much knitting in the past 2 years.

Even though no blocking is required, I decided to give this scarf a good soak in a lanolin rich lavender scented soap. The scarf came out so much softer and smelling much much better than before. I hope Sandra loves it. The scarf is currently on its trans-Atlantic trip to get to her in the USA.

Now that I am back in the 'game', I decided to continue knitting before I forgot how to knit!
The weather 2-3 weeks ago was so damn cold that I was craving for a wool (yes, even the scratchy type would have been so welcomed) sweater. I know myself. I am not going to finish the sweater in time to wear it this winter. So what did I do? I pull out my Klaralund. Yes, I finished that sweater and it looks great but the sleeves! The sleeves make me feel like I am in a Chinese Opera because they are just so gigantic that I could actually hide behind it. I exaggerate of course! So I am having some fancy idea about the amendments. Just go along for now, keep your finger crossed for me and perhaps everything will turn out exactly the way I pictured it! ;-)


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Sehr schön!!!

26 February, 2009 05:55  

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