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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Irish Hiking Scarf

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Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf
Source: Hello Yarn
Yarn: 3 skeins of Jo Sharp DK Wool Tweed in Oatmeal
Yarn Source: eBay
Needle: US6 straight
Length: ~6ft
Made for: G's Dad's Christmas present

As I was knitting this scarf, I was very worried about how the end product would feel like. The yarn seemed to be too stiff and scratchy. I should have knitted a swatch to check out how this yarn would be like after a wash but time was tight and so I didn't. My worries were for naught. The yarn soften after a wash (I washed with Dove too just in case. Hehe). Whew, I was so relieved to 'feel' that. G's Dad loved it! He said he will use it as soon as he gets the chance to. It wasn't too cold up in New Jersey when we were up there for Christmas. The only problem I had with this scarf is that I seemed to overblock it. I think I made it wider than it should be. Oh well, when I washed it the next time, I will relax on the blocking. Yes, I recommended to my future-in-law to pass the scarf to me if they want to wash it cos I am afraid they will just throw it in the dryer! Crazy, am I not?


Blogger goodkarma said...

Goodness, you really spoiled G's family this year! I'm thinking about making that scarf for my step-dad for next Christmas... in cashmere! Lux, no?

28 December, 2005 12:32  

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