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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pearl & Crystal Scarf (a.k.a Lace & Agate Scarf)

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: Lace & Agate Scarf
Source: Naive Knitting
Yarn: From stash, 2 balls of discontinued Jaeger Chamonix in Nimes (yarn review)
Yarn Source: eBay (Jannette's Rare Yarns)
Needle: US10 straight
Length: ~46inches
Made for: G's Mum's Christmas present
Other materials used: Mother-of-pearl star, Swarovski crystals in tanzanite and light sapphire, freshwater pearl in white and purple.

This is a very fast and easy knit. Basically only one row of pattern and you just purl the wrong side. I finished this in 3 nights. I loved this yarn, as mentioned earlier in my Branching Out Scarf entry. It's a relief too to see that G's mum loved it. I think she is amazed that you can mixed beading with knitting. I loved how it turned out. Hmm, I haven't made a scarf for myself for a very long time now. Maybe I should make this for myself?


Blogger goodkarma said...

Lovely choice for a FMIL gift. I have no doubt that she loves it!

28 December, 2005 12:30  

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