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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Some updates

Hello, it's been a long... time since I last posted. I have much to say and I am thinking this post is going to be another word heavy post. =P I had my next post about my knitting progress all typed up. Now, all it need is for me to upload the progress pictures from my camera to my computer tonight.

Other than signing up for Yarn Harlot Knitting Olympics, I had also signed up for the TeamUSAKnittingGroup. Haha. I may not be an American but I hope it counts that I will be knitting in USA. Now, if only my Jaggerspun Zephyr will arrive soon. I placed an order with Springwater Fiber and last week they called to say that the color I wanted had arrived. As I went up to NY over the weekends and it's a 45mins drive there from Reston, I had requested that they mailed it out to me. That was last Friday. I am keeping my finger crossed that the package had not gone missing on its way to me.

Anyway, I was having my daily dose of Craftster when I came across this thread. It got me all interested and I started to seach for projects using Malabrigo when I saw this lovely rendition of Glampyre's Ubernatural! Now, I really feel so much like purchasing 7 skeins of Malabrigo Super Bulky in Grises y Rosas at handpaintedyarn.com to make LeSophie's version of Ubernatural! But I just got 10 hanks of Noro Cash Iroha on eBay for the Hourglass Sweater! I am bad I know but I came across this auction for the Noro Cash Iroha in this lovely shade(#79) of lavender that is already discontinued that I can't help but placed a bid for it! And I won! Oh well, so now I have to control myself and my spending especially.

Me and G plan to go back to Singapore for CNY next year. While there, we would like to visit Myanmar(also formerly known as Burma) as well. We had been to most part of Southeast Asia(Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and of course Singapore). Talking about Myanmar, there is a new restuarant that serves fusion food of Burma and India. The chef is an Indian who grew up in Burma and hence the fusion. The food are fantastic! Most of the item are authentic and not American's Asian if you know what I mean. Without further ado, I present to you 'A Taste of Burma' which is located in Sterling, Virginia. For those of you who lives around the corner, I hope you will check it out! The food are very close to Thai food in case you are wondering. G is bringing me there for V-Day! Hehe.

Oh and the whole point of bringing up Singapore and Myanmar is just to say that I really need to save! Travelling definately cost money! Hehe. We also plan to get a property of some sort next year before the property market goes crazy when the subway comes all the way out here! Last I heard, Reston will have a subway station by the year 2009. That doesn't leave us a lot of time to invest in a property before it's too late! We are both city people and think that Reston is as suburban as we can take it. And we like and is used to Reston too! We are not sure of where we want to settle down finally but thought that it will be a good idea to get a property in case
  1. we ended up staying longer than expected
  2. the rent money is better spent investing in a property
  3. by the time we leave reston, the property prices will properly be in our favor. If not, the lost will probably be equal to what we would have spent in rent.

Oh, while surfing the web, I also came across this new blog that I find very interesting and informative. You probably have come across it looking through my 'Swing By Daily' but if you have not, do check it out at Something To Talk About.

Edit to add: CNY is not over yet but I am kind of sick of the red & pink layout so I switch back to my original layout. Ahhh, blue is indeed more pleasing and calming.


Blogger Carin said...

Mmm, Burmese food is delicious, yum. Thanks for stopping by, the colors I chose were inspired by Blossom from Whispering Pine. She said it was ok, hehe.

I signed up for the Knitting Olympics, too! Everyone's doing it. I signed up last minute though, so I'm still not sure if I'm in, I want to make "Salina" from Vintage Knits. Yours is gorgeous.

08 February, 2006 14:55  

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