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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I love Ms Marigold

This is a picture of my Ms Marigold against a very fitting t-shirt of mine.
Sigh, I can only blame myself. I was so eager to start and finish up Ms Marigold that I didn't swatch. Then I reduce the needle sz from the recommended US6 to US4 cos I don't like how holey it looks knitted up using Sz6. My Sz5 is being used by Cap Sleeved top and so I decided to use Sz4. I am crazy, I know. I don't know what posseses me to do what I did.

Regardless, I love the green, the yarn and the pattern so much that I will frog it soon and start on it again! Hopefully I will get around to it soon. It has remained in this state since I arrived in Munich. I guess I love it too much to want to frog it anytime soon. Then again, it's just me being busy, going out almost every evening. =P

I had been busy since I flew back to Munich on the 20th June. I don't even remember exactly what I did. However, I do remember what I did on that first weekends back. On Friday, I took the train to Innsbruck, Austria to meet my friends who were having their company's team-building somewhere near there. It's a gorgeous town that is surrounded by mountains! I love it.

Innsbruck - 24 June 2006

And then on Saturday evening, we took the train again and stayed over at Garmish. We only managed to checkout PartnachKlamm (Partnach Gorge) in Garmish on Sunday cos
  1. the tourist information center was closed
  2. my friend was suffering from a terrible bout of stomach cramp!

PartnachKlamm- 25 June 2006

We head back to Munich way too early for my friends' flight. So we went to the Olympic Park to soak in the world cup craziness.

I will leave you with these 2 albums first. Check back soon for what I did during the recent weekends and learn about how I flew off the bike! *gasp*


Anonymous Shannen lee said...

I LOve the view and cant wait to see your Ms Marigold~

05 July, 2006 20:00  
Anonymous kessa said...

The green for Marigold looks really good! Is that a tiny waterfall I see? Pretty! And those mountains reminds me of The Sound of Music...

06 July, 2006 11:30  
Blogger iSeL said...

Oh, no. That must be one tiny Ms. Marigold. How's the yarn working out for you?

Are you really working over there? ;)

06 July, 2006 12:08  

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