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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Adjusting and adapting well

After spending a week here, I have to say I am adjusting. I still miss my fiance which is to be expected. However, things are starting to look up.

I attended a English club gathering yesterday. It's organised and partly sponsored by the company for employees to practise speaking english in a casual settings. I joined knowing that this will be one gathering where I will understand what everyone is talking about. At that meeting, I met 2 other ladies and we became fast friends. One of them is from the UK but she has been in Germany since 10years ago so she speaks perfect English. The other lady is from East Germany but she is no funny and friendly. She has offered to loan me her old bicycle if I am interested so I can cycle to work from my apartment. I just might take her up on that offer once I know where my fitness level is currently. ;-) It's a good 30mins ride from here to the office and that's the same amount of time required if I take the train and walk instead. Summer here is pretty mild, 25-28 deg C or 80 to 90 deg F so that's very nice weather to cycle in. As people here in the city cycles everywhere, there are bicycles path that leads everywhere.

Besides that, I also met a colleague whom I know while I was back with the Singapore office. He remembered me and was very nice to bring me around to introduce me to more people in the office. Then I also got another invitation by another engineer that I had worked with to go to a biergarden sometimes next week. All in all, things are starting to be better!

Oh, I went shopping over the weekends, hehe, and so what did I get? 4 tops and a pair of shoes. I know I know I am terrible. Well, I had quite a bit of allowance per day and so far, I haven't even spent beyond my allowance! I will post a pic of my buys soon!

Yes, I haven't been knitting much with all this social activities. I will try. Next, I am going to ask my female colleagues about the yarn stores that I found here. Hopefully my next post will be all about knitting!


Anonymous Carin said...

Good to hear you're doing well. You bought clothes and shoes? That's always good! Can't wait to see what you'll buy at the yarn stores.

17 May, 2006 17:20  
Blogger iSeL said...

I'm so happy to hear you're adapting and starting to enjoy your stay there.

I'm also trying to get on my bike. I want to start riding to work again. It's so much fun and it really burns the calories.

Shopping queen!

17 May, 2006 20:53  
Anonymous jasmine said...

Hi, Jade!! We still miss you and can't wait to see you. It sounds like you are settling in and making new friends. That's great. I'm not so good at that, it keeps me from changing jobs often. Hope you get to the knitting shops and see if there is any fun German yarn.

18 May, 2006 14:27  
Blogger auntyk said...

Hi Jade,
I hope you are doing well! I've slowed on my knitting too. But, I did finish the back of "Bea". I hope you are settled in and enjoying Germany!
Miss you!

24 May, 2006 22:04  

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