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Friday, April 28, 2006


So what do we have here?

Finally, a progress shot of my Somewhat Cowl! I am almost done with the body. I am 1" into the ribbing. 2" more to go!

Another update, I will be leaving for Munich on the 8 May 2006. Hopefully this will be done by then so I can take another project with me to Munich instead.

Have you seen this blog entry on Knitty? I so want to try out that yummilicious Handmaiden Sea Silk. Googling for it, I found that it costs USD$32 per 500yds/100g. I have spent enough so for now, I will just settle for looking and drooling over it. Unless I come across it in some yarn shop in Munich... =P


Anonymous Carin said...

Nice progress!

Have a safe trip, and hope you have lots of fun yarn shopping in Munich. The blog looks good with the changes!

28 April, 2006 13:13  
Anonymous erin said...

You're almost there with cowl, you'll make it on time. Have a good trip and hope you bump into yarn

28 April, 2006 18:35  
Anonymous shannne said...

Hey Jade,

have a safe trip,and do bring some yarn home ;) hee kidding

28 April, 2006 21:06  

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