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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Packages and Weekends trip

One can never receive too much presents or little treats. Look at what I got from Sue of my knitting group! A bumble BEE bookmark. She said it reminded her of me. Heather, you are to blame! Hahaha. In case you are wondering why she is to blame, well during Secret Pal 7, she got me Bee-theme stationary, a Bee paperweight and a Bumble Bee Tape measure. Well, can't really blame her too since my blog is named as such!

Looks like I should start a hobby of collecting everything bumble bee related from now.

Besides that, I finally received my Kim Hargreaves's knit kit from UK. I ordered Bea in Dream and is kind of disappointed that Dream is so much darker than what's on the photo. You can see that from this picture. The model is wearing Bea in Dream. In the background are the yarns. It's a vast difference, isn't it?

The service is very good. It comes wrapped in a nice little box. You get a nice personal(maybe it's a template but still very nice and personable) email telling you when it's shipped and when you should expect it.

I am still contemplating if I should return it, do an exchange or keep it. G thinks the color will still look nice on me. I am tanned and is worried that this color might dull me down. I might just take the chance and hope for the best. What do you think?

Weekends Trip
Being that this is the 2nd to last weekends I will be spending with G before I leave for Munich. We decided to do something more interesting than just lazing at home. We went for a little hike here. It was such a beautiful day for a hike. Granted, the temperature is a little chilly but by the mid-afternoon and after a little hike, it no longer feels cold anymore. Checkout the gorgeous pictures that I managed to take due to the pretty sky.

Since we had made the drive all the way there, we might as well check out Battle Creek Cypress Swamp as well. It's so beautiful that it doesn't really look like a swamp.

So what did you do over the weekends?

This weekends, we might check out the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.

I am making good progress with my Somewhat Cowl. I have completed one sleeve. So 1 sleeves more to go and then I will have to tackle the cowl neckline. Looking good so far though I wished I had knitted the sleeves longer so that it's 3/4 instead.


Blogger Julsey said...

Hi Jade,

I will be ay MSW on Saturday. Let me know if you will be going and we can meet up!

02 May, 2006 15:43  
Anonymous shannen said...

Beautifuuuulll caps there uhh i fall in love with the gorgeous view hmm

02 May, 2006 21:00  
Anonymous Kessa said...

Yea, Bea does look really different from the pic.. Maybe you can email them about it. The swamp looks really pretty.. Reminds me of Sungei Buloh actually. Hehe

03 May, 2006 03:56  
Anonymous kessa said...


03 May, 2006 03:56  
Blogger jacqueline said...

ok, i think dream is nice. but if you are waivering i say EXCHANGE it right now! the thing is...you are going to spend so much time knitting this cardi that is would be a pity for you to get to the end and think...hmm i wished i picked another colour.

personally i love the coffee rich colour and also the rich colour. mmmmmmmmmm

03 May, 2006 05:09  
Anonymous Carin said...

Nice pictures of the swamp. Have fun next weekend at the MSW!

03 May, 2006 11:37  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Thanks for the congratulations! I'm late on this since I've been out of town, but I agree with the above comment. If you have any reservations about a color then you should probably change it. :) I love that cardigan.

08 May, 2006 12:12  

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