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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Meeting Karen

Last Thursday, I left work early to meet up with Karen, a fellow knitter whom I had been conversing with via emails for the past few weeks. As I write up this post, I tried to recall how we started emailing each other and for the life of me, I can't. A sign of old age? Or exhaustion? Or just being human? Probably a bit of all.

We had been trying to have a get-together since we started emailing each other. But somehow, things just haven't been working out until last Thursday as she had to pick up her son at Dulles International Airport in the evening. So we decided to meet early, swing by Uniquities in Vienna and end the night with a dinner at Nizam!

I of course had to be late for the meeting. =P When I got to the yarn store, there was only one customer in the store and me being the genius that I am, was able to pick out Karen right then and there! We spent an hour and a half at the yarn store. Browsing through everything they have, talking about knitting and life and of course buying more yarns. Haha, well, I didn't really buy any yarns, just this pattern book.

Before heading over to Nizam, we also check out this Pie bakery shop near the restuarant where I bought a marble cheesecake. I love it! It's so good that all 9inches of the cake are gone now ladies. Gone! G just had like 2 slices of it. The rest are all devoured by me. I just love cheesecake!

Dinner at Nizam was good as well. I highly recommend Dolma and Imam Bayildi for appetizers if you ever visit them.

Besides the good food, the great time spent with both Karen and Bob(her husband), look at what else I got!
Free yarns courtesy from Karen. I got 2 balls of Rowan Kid Classic in 2 different colors. 1 ball of some novelty yarn which I can envision as a cute spring scarf. I better get working on it soon before spring is over. And 1 ball of Plymouth Bamboo. She is allergic to mohair. Thankfully she likes to buy onesy ball to try them out else I will end up with a bigger lot! ;-) I am not going to complain if that really happens! As for the bamboo yarn, she was just very nice to throw 1 ball my way for me to enjoy it too! To conclude, I like Karen and her husband a lot and can't wait to meet them soon again!

So in my last entry, I talked about all the sales that is going on right now. Hmm, so did my credit card get away untouched? You know the odds if you know me. I am not going to say how much I spent cos I am just too ashamed of my spending habits. But I will keep you posted as I received the packages!

Knitting wise, I have finally joined my Somewhat Cowl in the front. Woohoo, it dips real low at the front. Sexy, eh! I tried them on and it fits me just as I wanted it to. No pics yet cos it's just way too sexy for a shot. I hope the neckline will be pulled in by a lot as Wendy said. Now that the sleeves are on waste yarn and it's joined in the round, the knitting has been going at a much faster rate. Will I be able to get this done before I leave for Munich? Probably. Since the company is taking forever to finalise the details for my Munich trip.


Blogger Ruth said...

you're leaving for munich?? how fun. and it sounds like the time you guys had together was lots of fun too!! =D

25 April, 2006 13:17  
Blogger Lois said...

munich is also another place for yarns. yooohooo.

25 April, 2006 21:06  
Anonymous Kessa said...

Have fun in Munich. =)

25 April, 2006 23:39  

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