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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Do you crochet?

If you do, you might want to check out this book. The projects in there all looked so cute and flirty just like the book title suggested. All 10 reviewers(so far) on Amazon gave it 5 stars out of 5. I so want to get this right away but I must practice self-control. Why choose to practice it now? Cos I just realized how much I had invested in this little hobby of mine since picking it up 1.5yrs ago. The figure is not for the faint of heart. Since I do not know how many of my readers are strong enough to read it, I shall be kind enough to not disclose it here. In truth, I think I am more ashamed of my spending.

Therefore, this will go into my Amazon wishlist. One must always leave something for my family and friends to buy for me. Especially since yours truly birthday is coming up soon. Hehe.


Blogger Ruth said...

ooh, that book does look tempting! =) oh, by the way, your amazon wishlist link didn't go to your specific wishlist, it just went to a generic wishlist page...

04 May, 2006 00:36  
Blogger Ruth said...

p.s. when's your birthday? =)

04 May, 2006 00:36  
Blogger lomester said...

OOHh... need to learn how to crochet - the book looks so great!
My Bday is coming up soon too! Are you a Gemini?

04 May, 2006 11:05  

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