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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Weekends shopping

What can I say? I had been bad again. I met up with my knitting buddies(Isel, Jas and Sue) over the weekends. Besides partaking a great lunch at Mai Thai(spicy eggplants, chicken green curry and seafood in ginger sauce, yummm), yarn shopping is of course one of the agenda as well! I have no real projects in mind to buy yarns for. Why? Cos I have a gazillion yarns in my closet waiting to make their debut as FOs! Did I behave by not buying more yarns? Ha, what are the odds!

With no project in mind, I bought 6 skeins of Classic Elite Yarns: Premiere. The yarn is very very soft. I love the color, so springy. I envision it make into something feminine and with ruffles. Something like this or this. What do you think? Or something as simple and classic as the Green Gables. However, I am kind of leaning towards something with ruffles more. Hehe, no idea why.

Besides yarn shopping and good food, look what sweet Sue gave me for my going-to-Munich-for-a-while present!
A yarn mousepad! How cool is that? She thought it would be nice for me to bring it with me to Munich. I know secretly, she wants me to look at it and be reminded of her and of course to bring back some European yarns for her and the gang! ;-) Maybe she doesn't but that was so sweet of her!

Finally, I have some progress to show for my Phildar sweater. I have reached the armholes shaping. I was kind of stuck for a while as the pattern wants me to knit till it measures 37cm from the end of the ribbing. It seems kind of long. I looked at the model shots, held it up against my body, ponder and think about it a little and finally decided to start the armhole shaping at 34cm instead. Keeping my fingers crossed it will come out right at the end.

Progress has been slow as I have been working on my Orangina and Somewhat Cowl as well. There is no shot of Somewhat Cowl yet as it's difficult to take a nice shot of it presently. Maybe when I get to the point where I joined it in the round. I am loving the Alpaca and Silk though. So soft and so shiny.

So how did you spent your weekends? Did you buy more yarns too like me?



Blogger Pixiepurls said...

oh that yellow tank-ish thing is SOO cute!

17 April, 2006 00:36  
Blogger Rachel said...

I didn't buy more yarns cause I'm on a yarn diet, but my very next purchase is going to be the yarn for the sweater your working on. I can't wait to hear your reviews of it!
That new yarn is lovely! Any of those would be good choices for it.

17 April, 2006 00:41  
Blogger goodkarma said...

My, my, you've been busy! :) I love Classic Elite yarns. That is a vry pretty color. Of the tops you mentioned, I like Ms. Marigold best, followed closely by Green Gables. I think Marigold would look really cute on you. The a-line shaping of Sally turns me off, but that's because my own body shape needs waist shaping... on you, however, it would be absolutely darling. So. I've been no help whatsoever! Have fun with the spring inspirations!

17 April, 2006 00:59  
Blogger Liz K. said...

I think I'll be indulging in some more yarn this weekend, as I am taking a class at the LYS in "Crochet for Knitters." I think I like Miss Marigold the best, although Green Gable is in my queue. Cute!

17 April, 2006 08:51  
Anonymous Carin said...

Hi Jade! Good to hear that you're enjoying Somewhat Cowl, can't wait to see it. I like Green Gable for your new yarn, it's a nice pattern. But whatever you choose, you'll make it nice.

17 April, 2006 09:34  
Anonymous Jasmine said...

I had fun this weekend as well. But did you see the restraint I showed by not buying yarn? I think Ms. Marigold would look fabulous on you!!

17 April, 2006 11:05  
Blogger Stephanie said...

I had to finally comment because I've been lurking for so long! Your FO's are my favorites in blogland... I vote for Sally for your new yarn. I actually like the a-line shape and ruffles.

17 April, 2006 12:13  
Blogger lomester said...

OOHH! Loving the Phildar sweater. I think this is the same one that that Becky is doing over at fluffa! (www.skinnyrabbit.com). Did you find the pattern in English?

17 April, 2006 13:51  

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