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Monday, April 17, 2006

The meme of 6

I had quite a harrowing morning today. All brought on by myself really. I was driving to work on this gloomy and rainy morning. In VA, you can turn right on red if the road you are turning on is clear. I was trying to turn right and as the road curves, it's kind of hard to see the oncoming traffic. However, cars are turning left onto my road(going in the opp directions) and I therefore assume, traffic should be clear for them to be doing that. Well, boy am I wrong. I was stepping on the gas to turn and somehow I guess the road was slippery so I had difficulties getting the car to move. There was a car bearing down on me fast after I turned. I quickly changed lanes and he/she probably had to step on the brakes as well in order to avert an accident. I feel really stupid to have taken such a chance. What if things didn't turn out for the better! Sigh, there are many moments in life when one did something stupid. This definitely goes all the way to the top of my stupid actions. It is moment like this that makes me wish that the public transportation here is comparable to NY or Singapore... When that happened, I am sure I will have something else to complain about instead. =P

I was tagged by Rachel for the meme with everything about 6. So here's my answers:

1. Six minutes to yourself: How would you spend them, ideally?
Knitting! What else when I planned my knitting projects while idle in the office. Oops, hope nobody from the office is reading this.

2. Six bucks to spend right now: How would you spend it?
Get a US6 Circular needles. My clover was stained by the Indigo Jaggerspun Zephyr when I used it for knitting Butterfly.

3. Six items in your house you could part with, right now, that you hadn't thought of already?
Piles of old bills, piles of clothings that doesn't fit me or I don't like anymore. I am sure there are more. Just can't think of any right now.

4. Six items you absolutely, positively could never part with in your house?
My G, my bak kut teh mix(I am making this tonight), my belacan chili sauce, my computer, my orange sapphire ring from G and of course all my yarns(please, can I count them all as 1).

5. Six words you love?
Love, Yarns, Sale, Discount and Singapore Food!

I tag Isel, Jas, Carin, Lois, Ruth, Brandy and ...(how many people in all should I tag? 6 maybe?) No worries ladies if you don't want to participate in this meme.


Blogger goodkarma said...

Whew, I'm so glad you weren't hurt. When things like that happen to me, I feel the adrenaline throughout my body for hours!

17 April, 2006 20:27  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

Gosh, I'm so glad that nothing happened to you or anyone else with your near-accident. But don't feel stupid about it, such things happen to all of us all the while, and well - fortunately no one was hurt!

18 April, 2006 11:13  
Blogger Ruth said...

wow, glad to hear you are ok! sometimes things like that happen on the road, with me too. good thing you are ok. i'll do my meme on my blog soon. i have bak kut teh mix too! (several versions) i also have laksa packets and satay packets... yay!!

18 April, 2006 14:15  

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